Get your body back in 2024!

6 Weeks Kickstart pre-summer edition.

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6 Weeks Kickstart

Mothers aged 32 to 39

Semi Private Personal Training

Shared personal training max 4.

Personal Training

One on one personal training

Semi private personal training, nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

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We understand how hard it is to

balance an ever-demanding career with the desire for a healthier, more vibrant life.

It can be overwhelming, especially when traditional gym settings may not feel like your scene.

That’s why we’ve created The Body Studio.

A dedicated community that makes you feel welcome from the start.

Ensuring you have the space and resources you need for a balanced and successful life.

Being the exception is easy

But only with a good plan..

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Elevate Your Fitness Journey
with Our Semi private personal training

We often hear the phrase “knowledge is power,”

but when it comes to fitness, the real magic happens when knowledge meets personalized guidance.

You can scour the internet for workout routines or try to decode complex nutrition labels.

but without professional guidance,

you’re missing out on a tailored approach that ensures your efforts yield exceptional, long-lasting results.

Ensuring you have the space and resources you need for a balanced and successful life.

Let go of your struggles

to get fit in the past

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