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Semi Private Personal Training

Shared personal training max 4.

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Your dedicated personal trainer

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We understand how hard it is to

balance an ever-demanding career with the desire for a healthier, more vibrant life.


It can be overwhelming, especially when traditional gym settings may not feel like your scene.


That’s why we’ve created The Body Studio located in Amsterdam West.

A dedicated community that makes you feel welcome from the start.

Ensuring you have the space and resources you need for a balanced and successful life.

Connect with one of our empathic personal trainers, who know how to keep you on track.

We never give up on you. 

Your success is our priority!

Guidance is the key for success

Personal training, invest in a happy life and body

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Elevate Your Fitness Journey
with Our Personal & Semi-Private Training

We often hear the phrase “knowledge is power,”

but when it comes to fitness, the real magic happens when knowledge meets personalized guidance.

You can scour the internet for workout routines or try to decode complex nutrition labels.

but without professional guidance,

you’re missing out on a tailored approach that ensures your efforts yield exceptional, long-lasting results.

Ensuring you have the space and resources you need for a balanced and successful life.

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In our studio in Amsterdam West.

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Personal Training Amsterdam West

The Body Studio is your place to be!

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Affordable personal training.

In the Body Studio Amsterdam West we offer personal training in two different ways.

At first, the classic way. One on one personal training.

We always start with a full introduction. A deep talk about your personal situation.

Everyone is different, there is simply no ‘one size fits all’ approach.

When we get to know you a little better, know what you want to accomplish and also why it is important for you, we are looking for a perfect fit personal trainer.

This is so extremely important!

A personal trainer is just as good as the ‘click’ you have together.

Your trainer should feel where you run into mental or physical boundaries. 

Your private coach should be on your side no matter what.

When the workout is finished, you should experience a positive victory!

The second form of personal training we offer is: Semi private personal training.

This is a super convenient way of personal training where you share your personal trainer with one, two or max three other workout buddies.

You still have your own, individual workout routine that is completely customized.

You also always work with the same personal trainer and the same workout buddies.

This way you really connect with your trainer and buddies.

Semi private personal training Amsterdam West gives all the benefits of classic one on one personal training, but is much more affordable!

All the benefits of personal training for half the price!

As an example, every week a semi private personal training session in our studio in Amsterdam West starts already from €137,- per four weeks!

In the past 10 years we noticed that the majority of people need personal guidance to really make a change for life.

But of course, there is quite a price tag attached to it.

For this reason we are so happy to offer semi private personal training, because this makes personal guidance accessible for almost everyone!

Want to know more about our personal training offering in Amsterdam West?

Check out one of these pages and feel free to book a completely non obligated consultation.

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